‘Just Because You Don’t Like What I’m Saying…’ — Commentators Clash Over Trump’s Foreign Policy On CNN

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Conservative commentator Ben Ferguson clashed with CNN’s Keith Boykin over President Trump’s foreign policy Friday — and the results were spicy.


“[Trump] talked about this during the campaign, he said that America is having to lead too much and take on too much of a burden for our people with these wars in the Middle East,” Ferguson said. “And, he said that others need to step up and protect and defend their own lands–he talked about this during the campaign.”

“So if the president says we’re going to go in and crush ISIS, which, by the way, we have been doing consistently since he became president, and not allowing them safe havens, which is one of his campaign promises–we’re not going to allow ISIS to set up and have places where they can do recruiting and where they can have places where they can train their fighters and teach them how to do things–put them on the run and destroy them.”

“This is important, Keith, just because you don’t like what I’m saying doesn’t mean it is not accurate,” he added.

“No, because you’re filibustering–I’m trying to make a point here,” Boykin said.

“I’m not filibustering, I’m being honest here, and I’m answering Brianna’s question, so I’m not filibustering you by answering her question,” Ferguson shot back.

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