Here’s The Hilarious Question One NFL Coach Reportedly Asked A Potential Draft Pick

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Jena Greene Reporter
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It’s no secret that some NFL teams have some pretty unusual recruiting methods.

Alabama running back Bo Scarbrough revealed he was asked whether he thought God was an Auburn fan. And Miami wide receiver Braxton Berrios says he was asked to give his thoughts on ISIS and Bitcoin. Just regular football stuff.

And even though the NFL combine is over and the draft is just a few weeks away, Ohio State linebacker Jerome Baker is still reeling from some of bizarre questions he was asked from potential future coaches.

Speaking to Draft Wire on Monday, Baker revealed one coach asked him what he would do if he punched him in the face.

In part, he says:

The one question that sticks out is I sat down, and the first thing the coach asked me is what I would do if he punched me in the face right now? To me, being from Cleveland, my natural reaction was, “Coach, no disrespect but if you punch me in the face, we’re gonna fight right here.” That was just my natural response. I guess that’s what he wanted to hear, because he said, “Good.” It was definitely a fun interview. I didn’t get asked too many weird questions.

Unfortunately, Baker doesn’t disclose who asked him this question but it really could have been anybody. You’ve got to respect a coach who asks this kind of question. I thought the Bitcoin quiz was inventive but this takes it to another level. Not only does it test a guy’s resilience and quick-reaction skills but it does a pretty good job of weeding out the crazies. You don’t want to accidentally draft another Ray Lewis. And this approach is air tight in preventing that. This coach might have a roster of champions on his hands in a year or two.

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