Megyn Kelly Shuts Down Stormy’s Lawyer For Not Returning $130k


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Megyn Kelly ripped apart Michael Avenatti during an interview on NBC Wednesday morning, sharply questioning the key components of his lawsuit for Stormy Daniels.


One of Avenatti’s claims is that the hush agreement Daniels signed about her alleged affair with the president is invalid because Trump never signed it. However, Kelly pointed out that the agreement only required either Trump or his lawyer, Michael Cohen, to sign.

“[Cohen] could bind himself to that $130,000 and she signed it and she cashed the check,” Kelly argued.

Kelly also noted that the agreement required Daniels to turn over any proof she had of the alleged affair, yet Avenatti recently teased a DVD on his Twitter account, implying that Daniels had broken that term of the agreement.

“Well, so you’re saying they didn’t live up to their obligations, and now there’s a question about whether she did,” Kelly explained.

Avenatti and Kelly then got into a debate over whether or not Daniels should return the $130,000 since she detailed the alleged affair on “60 Minutes.”

“It’s not fair for her to keep the $130,000 while she’s already been on ’60 Minutes,’ telling about the whole affair, right?” Kelly said.

“Well, I think what’s not fair is for her to constantly be called a liar…intimidated, and not being able to provide an opportunity to tell her story,” Avenatti responded.

Kelly incredulously responded, “Not having an opportunity to tell her story? 22 million people watched the ’60 Minutes’ interview!”

The hits on Avenatti just kept coming, as the audience burst into laughter when Avenatti claimed that his client is a “principled woman.”

“She wanted the money,” Kelly asserted. “Why didn’t she just talk 11 days before the election? Come on. She wanted the dough.”

Ultimately, Kelly put the nail in Avenatti’s coffin when she detailed how he can go about returning the $130,000 to Cohen.

“It’s very simple: you take out the piece of paper, you write $130,000, and then you mail it,” she said as her audience cheered.

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