STUDY: CNN And MSNBC Spent 3.5 Hours Panicking Over Sinclair


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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According to a new study, CNN and MSNBC spent a collective 3.5 hours on Monday panicking over Sinclair Broadcasting’s editorial script warning against fake news.

The media meltdown began after Deadspin created a compilation video of local Sinclair anchors reading the same script. CNN and MSNBC pundits called the video “chilling,” “frightening,” and “propaganda” and fretted over Sinclair’s potential merger with Tribune. (RELATED: Brian Stelter Won’t Tell You He Hates This Media Organization When He Covers It)

The Media Research Center found that CNN and MSNBC spent a whopping 211 minutes and 24 seconds on the Sinclair story on April 2. CNN alone spent 76 minutes and 42 seconds, while MSNBC spent 134 minutes and 42 seconds. (RELATED: Montage: Establishment Media Very ‘Concerned’ About Sinclair’s ‘Propaganda’)

While the Sinclair script states, “We understand truth is neither politically ‘left nor right,'” their mentions of “false news” convinced the establishment media that the message was an extension of President Donald Trump’s attacks on the media.

“I spent time in China which has an actual state media and it rings very familiar. This is the way authoritarian states operate. It does. You push and pressure across and they have a tremendous look for them,” CNN’s Jim Sciutto declared.

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