CNN Contributor Compares National Guardsmen Sent To Border To The TSA

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Local New York television host Errol Louis entertained a Thursday morning CNN panel by comparing the National Guardsmen President Trump is sending to protect the southern border to the Transportation Security Administration.


“I think it’s significant politically more so than operationally,” the “Inside City Hall” host stated. “I don’t think we’re going to look at the next round of numbers and see it drop down to 16, or 14, or 13 or anything like that, and it’s not intended to.”

“This is [what] I would call security theater. It’s akin to what you see at the airports where they make you take off your shoes and hop on one foot and do all kinds of stuff to try and make everyone feel as if some effort is being made to secure the nation.”

“We know, though, from the experts that that’s not what is really going on here at all,” he claimed. “This is not simply a matter of if there’s a wall there, if there are troops there, then you can stop people, and if it’s not there they will just come flooding in. It’s really a lot of push-pull factors that are a lot more complicated.”

Louis added that “complicated is not how you win elections.”

“This is election-year politicking and what he wants is the image. What he wants is the number. What he wants is a discussion like this so his base will hear that the president is meeting one of his promises.”

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