Judge Napolitano Thinks Bob Mueller May Be Luring Trump Into A False Sense Of Security

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Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano suspects special counsel Robert Muller may be luring President Donald Trump into a “false sense of security” by claiming he is a “subject” not a “target” of the Russia probe.

Napolitano said Trump should be careful about letting his guard down and thinks Muller may just be getting started.

“[Trump] is not at this moment a target,” Napolitano said. “I say at this moment because this can change depending upon what evidence comes to them.”

“A subject is somebody who is the topic of an ongoing criminal investigation that has not yet ended. So as much as I want the president to be able to be president and not have this on his back, I encourage him not to relax and not to rejoice. They are still pursuing things,” he said.


Napolitano claimed Mueller may have purposely said Trump is not a target to get him to let his guard down.

“There is a theory that this statement was made by Bob Mueller in an off handed way so that people like the rest of us would talk about it and the president will have a false sense of security going into the interview,” Napolitano said.

“Stay away from that, Mr. President. That interview environment is extremely dangerous. If he is the subject and not yet a target and they want him to become a target, they’re going to ask him questions. The answers to which will move him into that target category,” he said.

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