CNN’s Stelter: Trump’s ‘Impulsive Actions’ On Border Caused By His ‘Addiction’ To Fox News

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CNN host Brian Stelter used his Sunday show to declare that President Trump’s “impulsive actions” are a consequence of his “addiction” to Fox News.

“Impulsive actions” like, according to Stelter, sending National Guard troops to the border as a “PR stunt” to alleviate a “manufactured crisis.” Stelter proceeded to lay out a timeline connecting Trump’s actions at the border to Fox News.

“The line where Fox News ends and where Trump begins is getting blurrier by the day,” Stelter said on “Reliable Sources,” adding that the president often relies on Fox News reporters and commentators for information and advice.

“Now I say this is a symbol of everything that is wrong with the Trump era,” said Stelter. “A lack of quality information first of all reaching the president. He’s relying instead on his Fox friends, sometimes via TV, sometimes on the phone, sometimes in person.”

“Now his addiction to Fox and to other pro-Trump commentators leads to impulsive actions,” continued the CNN host. “In this case he’s playing to his base, stoking anti-immigrant fears, and even catching his staff off guard. And then they have to scramble to make it look like he knows what hes doing.”

Calling the National Guard deployment a “PR stunt” done only to give Trump’s “Fox friends something to celebrate,” Stelter insisted that’s the reason why “we’re all talking about the border, a manufactured crisis.”


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