It’s About Time To Put The Tony Finau Praise To Rest

(Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

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Tony Finau tied for 10th place at The Masters on Sunday, which is an impressive finish no matter the circumstances. However, the 28-year-old pro has received an unprecedented amount of praise for overcoming “adversity” that he brought upon himself.

Before The Masters even began, Finau participated in the Par-Three Contest, which always takes place on Wednesday ahead of Thursday’s opening round. During the competition Finau made a hole-in-one and took off running towards the green in celebration, but fell to the ground halfway there after dislocating his ankle. (RELATED: Tony Finau Hits A Hole-In-One, Immediately Proves How Un-athletic Golfers Are)

There was speculation that Finau may have to bow out of the tournament after suffering the embarrassing injury, but he went on to lead the field at some points in the first round and played on his bum ankle all the way through the weekend. Because of that media and golf fans, somewhat predictably, have praised Finau as a “badass,” but let me stop you right there.

Tony Finau didn’t dislocate his ankle in some sort of freak accident or saving someone’s life — he injured himself celebrating a hole-in-one in a contest that has absolutely zero impact on his professional career. He might as well have turned his ankle playing putt-putt. Still somehow going on to play four rounds of golf and overcoming “adversity” that was a result of his own stupidity makes him a badass?

If Finau finished first and put on the Green Jacket on Sunday evening this would be a different conversation, but he finished tied for tenth. Tenth! I was out drinking into the early morning hours of Sunday morning, but still made it to my couch a few hours later to watch the coverage of the final round. You don’t see me tweeting about all the adversity I overcame.