NFL Player Gets Arrested With Alleged Blood Alcohol Level That Could Have Killed Him

David Hookstead | Reporter

Aldon Smith’s troubles are getting much worse, and the details of his latest arrest include him allegedly having an insane B.A.C.

TMZ reported the following:

TMZ Sports broke the story … the embattled NFL star was arrested Friday when his court-ordered SCRAM alcohol monitoring device went off. 

Now, officials say the device measured his B.A.C. at a whopping .40 … 5 TIMES the legal limit to drive. 

In Smith’s case, the judge in his domestic violence case had ordered him to be completely sober while wearing the device … but officials say he went WAY over the edge. 

Well, that is a shocking amount of alleged alcohol to have in your system. This whole situation with Smith is tragic. The man had such a bright future, and now he’s getting arrested for allegedly being five times over the legal drunk driving limit.

Having a B.A.C. can lead to death, which goes to show just how serious of a situation this is. Let’s just all hope that Smith can get the help he so clearly needs. Playing around with alcohol at those levels is not a joke at all. It’s a life and death matter at that point.

I don’t think we’re going to be seeing Aldon Smith back on a football field anytime soon. It sounds like he has much more important things to get figured out in his life than playing on Sundays. Maybe this is rock bottom for him, and it’s all up from here. I’m not sure how it could get much worse.

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