Lanny Davis: Obama Should’ve Fired Comey

Fox News

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Democrat Lanny Davis said on Fox News on Wednesday that he believes President Barack Obama should’ve fired FBI director James Comey.


Davis argued that Comey should’ve been fired because he openly talked about the Hillary Clinton email investigation without charging her and weighed in on the investigation within 60 days of the 2016 presidential election. He also accused Comey of only thinking about himself. (RELATED: Savannah Guthrie Holds Comey’s Feet To The Fire: ‘You’re Shorter In Person’)

“He should’ve been fired by Barack Obama…not by President Trump,” Davis asserted. (RELATED: John Podesta: Comey Is An ‘Idiot’)

“Everybody knows that an FBI investigator, an FBI director, is not allowed to talk about the evidence and disparage somebody without charging them,” Davis said. “You know why he gets to violate those rules? Because he is James Comey.”

“It’s about I, I, I, I [with Comey]” he said. “It’s only about James Comey…he should’ve been fired.”

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