Trump Turns Up Heat On Dems, Rand Paul To Confirm Pompeo

Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump pressured the U.S. Senate Wednesday to confirm Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State after some senators have announced they will vote against him.


“I think he’s going to come through,” Trump said of Pompeo’s nomination before noting he believes Senator Rand Paul will reverse course on the matter.

“I will say this about Rand Paul. He’s never let me down,” the President told reporters. “Rand Paul is a very special guy as far as I’m concerned. He’s never let me down. I don’t think he will let us down again. Let’s see what happens. If you remember, he voted for healthcare and did us a big favor.”

Paul has opposed Pompeo’s nomination saying “I’m perplexed by the nomination of people who love the Iraq War so much that they would advocate for a war with Iran next.”

“It goes against most of the things President Trump campaigned on, that the unintended consequences of regime change in Iraq led to instability in the Middle East.”

Paul’s opposition is significant because he is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee where other Democratic senators have already announced they will oppose Pompeo.

Senator Tom Cotton told White House reporters Wednesday he is confident that Pompeo will be confirmed as the next secretary of state, regardless of whether the committee reports him out favorably or not.