Why Are We Supposed To Be Shocked Trump Allegedly Had Relations With A Playmate?

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The media is sorely mistaken if they think people are going to overwhelmingly care that President Donald Trump allegedly had an affair with Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal.

McDougal was recently released from a contract that stopped her from discussing the alleged affair she had with Trump after the birth of Barron. Naturally, the media wanted to behave like this was some super huge revelation.

For example, it was the top moment on Twitter when I woke up this morning.

Give me a break. The clown car that is the media once again has proven that they don’t know anything about the American voters. Let’s take a moment to break this down with some logic instead of emotion. Where did Trump overwhelming dominate? The SEC and Big Ten regions of America. You think the average guy who drinks beer during Alabama games is going to suddenly start voting Democrat because Trump might have had sex with a super hot woman? No chance in hell.

I’ve been around men from those regions my whole life, and there are going to be two reactions to the allegation Trump slept with a Playmate of the month. The first, which is probably the most likely, is that they flat out don’t care. People didn’t vote for Trump because they thought he was sexually innocent. They voted for him because of other reasons. They knew what he was about. The second reaction is that people will find this hilarious. The media is out here pretending we should be shocked Trump had sex with a smoke show. Okay? Sick burn, I guess.

Now, I’m not condoning cheating at all, but this is not new information. You know what Trump clearly likes? Women. Who know who else likes women? Middle America voters who work 40 hours a week, watch sports, own guns and like to get down. How has the media still not figured this out?

Go ahead and telling everybody about all the hot women Trump has allegedly had sex with. I’m sure that’ll get him out of the White House ASAP.

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