Dem Candidate For Arizona Special Election Admits She Doesn’t Oppose Partial-Birth Abortion

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Hiral Tipirneni, the Democratic candidate for Arizona’s eighth congressional district, believes partial-birth abortion should be legal and said she doesn’t think abortion should be limited in any way, Sunday on MSNBC’s “Kasie DC.”

“I’m a physician, and I have seen and witnessed women making — or having to face that choice. That hard-breaking, gut-wrenching choice,” she told host Kasie Hunt. “And I truly do believe that, that is a decision that should be between a woman, her partner, her physician, and her faith.”

“Our goal should be to keep abortion safe, legal, and rare,” she added. “We don’t want it to go back to the days where women are bleeding out in the alleyways. We know that we have Roe v. Wade in place, and we want all of our legislation to be in alignment with that.”


Hunt asked if Tipirneni believed in any restrictions on abortion. The special election candidate thinks it’s an issue the government should not be involved in regulating.

“Right now we know that those decisions are made based on, you know, if you’re talking about late-term abortions, those are based on medical input from very experienced physicians, and it’s usually related to a risk to the woman’s life. It is not something that is made frivolously,” Tipirneni concluded. “It is something that is very critical. And I don’t think that, that is something we should be legislating. We need to let medical professionals make that decision.”

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