Kurtz: CNN Asking Kellyanne About Her Husband Was ‘Cringe Inducing’

Fox News

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz criticized CNN on Monday for grilling Kellyanne Conway about her husband’s anti-Trump tweets.


CNN anchor Dana Bash repeatedly asked Conway about her husband’s tweets during a Sunday interview, insisting that it was fair to ask about her spouse “publicly questioning what you are doing for a living.”

Kurtz argued on Fox News Monday that the line of questioning was completely “out of bounds.”

“First of all, it was very…cringe inducing to watch, this went on for about five minutes,” Kurtz said. “The question by Dana Bash, who is a respected reporter, was designed to embarrass Kellyanne Conway and it was out of bounds.”

“Aren’t spouses allowed to have their own political views?” Kurtz asked, noting that Conway’s husband is a private citizen.

Kurtz added that Conway was fair in turning the question around on Bash, insisting “perhaps the spouses and significant others of all people who work at CNN should be fair for scrutiny and criticism.”

“There is a little bit of a double standard here,” he said. “If the standard now is that anybody in public life can be asked, ‘what about the fact that your husband your wife your family members disagrees with you on something,’ then that definitely opens up a difficult can of worms that could affect journalists as well.”

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