Shania Twain Caves To Left-Wing Intimidation

Stephanie Hamill Video Columnist
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Leftists are taking Canadian singer Shania Twain to the woodshed.

Her crime? In an interview with the Guardian, she said that she would have supported President Donald J. Trump in the 2016 election, if she had been allowed to vote. She said she would have voted for Trump because he seems honest.

Liberals are now losing their minds over her comments, so much so, Twain felt she needed to issued an apology.


Twain’s interview was supposed to be about the abuse and betrayal she endured as young girl, and how she overcame these major obstacles. She’s the definition of a true feminist. Liberals should be cheering her on today.

But instead they’re calling for boycotts against her and are viciously trashing her online — including celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton, who I thought was all about free speech.

Leftists are only tolerant and open-minded when people agree with them. The takedown of Twain is more evidence that the thought police are out in full force trying to silence conservatives with no intention of slowing down.

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