THE CLAWS COME OUT — Joy Behar And Meghan McCain Get Heated After Behar Makes Joke About Melania

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Meghan McCain and Joy Behar got heated after Behar made a mean-spirited joke about Melania Trump.

“You have no sense of humor.”


During a discussion about Stormy Daniels, Behar quipped, “Today is Melania’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Melania.”

McCain went after her immediately, saying that the joke was “so mean.”

“You have no sense of humor,” Behar shot back.

“Oh, please. It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humor. It’s because I feel bad for our first lady,” McCain said. (RELATED: ‘So Turned Off’ – Meghan McCain Unloads On Hillary And The Audience Erupts Into Applause)

The two continued to go back and forth over Melania Trump and her marriage to President Trump. The ladies of The View were bashing Trump for apparently mistreating Melania.

Meanwhile, the first lady spent her week organizing an elegant State Dinner for French president Emmanuel Macron. (RELATED: Melania Trump Releases Amazing Video Of Macron’s Visit)

Watch the full clip above.

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