Chuck Todd Makes Comey Squirm With This Question About Russia

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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NBC News’ Chuck Todd made former FBI director James Comey squirm with a question about his book on “Meet the Press” Sunday.


“I’m going to close with this: Susan Collins, last week on the show—I asked her about your book. Here’s what she said. I’m curious to get your reaction to what she said.”

Collins said:

I cannot imagine why an FBI director would seek to essentially cash in on a book when the investigation is very much alive. He should have waited to do his memoir.

“Should you have waited?” Todd asked.

Comey’s answer didn’t even address the actual question.

“I hope she’ll read it, and see that it’s not about the investigation,” Comey said. “It’s about—not even about Donald Trump. It’s about something much broader, that I thought it was important to talk about now.”

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