The Migrant Caravan Is A Test For America

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Scott Greer Contributor
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The migrant caravan moving through Mexico finally made it to the American border Sunday.

Mexico claimed it had dispersed most of the group earlier in April, yet dozens of Central Americans seeking asylum in the U.S. hung around a border wall this weekend — complete with camera crews and several local supporters cheering them on.

President Trump wasn’t pleased with this event, railing against the caravan all weekend. “Are you watching that mess that’s going on right now with the caravan coming up?” Trump told a rally crowd Saturday night.

The Department of Justice has charged nearly a dozen members of the caravan for entering the United States illegally, highlighting the administration’s lack of enthusiasm for the migrants. (RELATED: Sessions’ DOJ Drops The Hammer On Caravan — 11 Members Charged For Illegal Entry)

Most of the caravan, which is primarily composed of Hondurans, seeks to gain entry to the U.S. as asylum seekers, claiming their native country is too poor and violent for them to live there.

Many among the press disagree with Trump and are treating the caravan as their newest cause celebre. Buzzfeed has been the leader among news outlets in reporting on the migrant caravan. The site’s coverage has proven invaluable, but its reporters have often presented the migrants’ claims for asylum as perfectly valid.

A Buzzfeed article published Monday positively portrays 18 migrants’ claims for asylum, even though the prevailing appeal is that their native country doesn’t have enough economic opportunities.

“I also left because of poverty,” said one hopeful asylee. “There are no opportunities in Honduras. Every door is closed in your face.”

Other concerns among the highlighted migrants include gang violence, domestic turmoil and trans discrimination.

In fairness, these migrants could cite any concern and the media would promote it as a good reason to be granted asylum. Open borders is the consensus position of the establishment media, so pretty much anyone who wants to come to America will get a glowing portrayal in the press.

It seems many in the press desire for these migrants to be granted asylum, regardless of the legitimacy of their claims.

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson insisted the caravan presents a “test” for America in a Monday article. Robinson argues America has a duty to take in the persecuted to compensate for the stain of turning away a ship of Jewish refugees in 1939.

“To close our eyes and hearts to legitimate claims of persecution would be to repeat the shameful and tragic mistakes of the World War II era,” the columnist writes. “If the subjects of Trump’s demagoguery were summarily denied entry, as he apparently would like, most would be forced to go home and some would be killed. That would be a terrible stain on the nation’s conscience.”

Robinson insists that the migrants of the caravan would “probably clear” America’s standards for asylum, believing poverty and gang violence are enough to justify that reward.

The ultimate test is for America to prove that it will welcome any and all newcomers as penance for its racist past. Robinson doesn’t directly state that, but the underlying assumption is there. The America that had restrictive immigration laws must be driven into the ground — and a whole lot of new Democratic voters will aid in that mission.

If America wants to be considered a “good” country, it must have open borders.

Fortunately, the Trump administration would like us to not have open borders and is outright rejecting most of the caravan members. Accepting them into the country would send a message to all of Central America to rush to our borders.

Unfortunately, the Border Patrol is allowing some of the carvan migrants to petition for asylum in the U.S., signaling hope to future caravans wishing to enter our country. (RELATED: Border Officials Let Some Migrant Caravan Members Into US)

We can’t take in the entire world, and that requires us to turn away many people who are fleeing poverty and corrupt governments. An immigration policy that puts our citizens’ interests first ensures America doesn’t also become a hotbed of poverty and corruption.

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