Liberal Democrats REALLY Want Trump To Fire Mueller, Sessions And Rosenstein

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David Abroms Businessman, founder of The American Remnant and former GOP congressional candidate
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We are a nation of laws. And those laws are protected and enforced by institutions. We are blessed to live in a country where no man is above the law, which is the basis for our precious American experiment.

There has been a lot of talk about the president firing people at the Justice Department, whether it is Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, or Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III. These individuals are all responsible for upholding those laws; firing any of them would be a terrible mistake. According to recent Quinnipiac polling, just 22 percent of Republicans support President Trump removing Mueller, to say nothing of Sessions or Rosenstein — and there are a bevy of good reasons why.

One is of course that Americans do believe we are, and should be, a nation of laws. And Republicans certainly tend to believe in the notion of law and order.

But quite apart from that, let’s jump back to 2016, and remember why Trump won—not just the general election, but also the nomination, including many primaries in all corners of the U.S.


Simply put, after eight years of the Obama administration, a lot of Americans were tired of weakness. They saw it in our foreign policy. They saw it in social policy, where they perceived an undermining of the core American value of working hard to get ahead. They saw it in selling out to foreign adversaries and nefarious corporate interests, because taking them on was simply too difficult, or unpleasant. They saw an America in decline that needed a tough guy, who could and would take all comers rather than have his staff and political appointees run interference to protect him from any criticism or scrutiny, in the White House. They voted for Trump not just because he wasn’t Hillary, but because he wasn’t a weakling.

Herein lies the big problem, should Trump fire Mueller or Rosenstein or Sessions, and the reason why he probably will not: Trump knows that if he did, he would look incredibly weak and would put his presidency in jeopardy by attacking the very foundation of our republic: The rule of law. It is the rule of law and the independence of the Justice Department, in part, that has made America an exceptional country. It’s what separates us from banana republics, no matter the occupant of the Oval Office.

Also, it would be politically foolish. Trump would also be giving liberals a big, fat, early 2020 Christmas gift, with a bow on top—and he knows it.

Let’s not forget who really wants Trump to fire Mueller and Rosenstein and Sessions: Liberal Democrats, who would use it to fire up their base in November, retake the House and the Senate, immediately start impeachment proceedings, and probably propel a leftist firebrand like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders to the Democratic nomination and possibly the presidency. Firing any of these officials would amount to Trump inviting a true Socialist with a good shot at the White House to undertake a relatively easy presidential run.

It is clear that any move to remove Sessions, Rosenstein or Mueller would lead to a constitutional crisis which would badly cripple the Trump presidency. It is crucial to remember that the Mueller investigation has already brought results. Twelve Russians were indicted for trying to influence our elections and at least four Americans have either been indicted or plead guilty to charges stemming from the investigation. Rep. Trey Gowdy provided some solid advice to the president, “If you are innocent, act like it.” Mueller and Rosenstein both have tremendous respect across the political spectrum and with Mueller continuing his investigation, the full scope of Russia’s interference with the election will be open for all of us to see which is important to our democratic process. It makes no sense politically, legally or morally for the president to interfere with this investigation. With a renewed relationship with our European allies and a potential for a breakthrough on the Korean Peninsula, the President has other monumental tasks ahead of him that are going to require his full attention for the betterment of the American people.

I am grateful we live in a nation of laws. I am grateful that Attorney General Sessions knows that this is a country of laws, not men. The Mueller investigation must continue and I have every confidence that it will. President Trump said in a press conference recently that people have been saying for months he was going to fire the special counsel and yet he is still there. I believe that Trump knows that taking such dramatic action would, to quote Lindsey Graham, “be the beginning of the end of his Presidency.” I wholeheartedly agree but more than that I think it would make him look scared, weak and guilty. Let the investigation play out. Have faith in our wonderful constitutional republic and the institutions that keep it strong. Be proud to wear that American flag lapel pin and what it stands for. The truth will see the light of day. And as Rep. Gowdy said, if you are innocent, act like it.

David Abroms is a CPA, businessman, founder of The American Remnant and a former Republican congressional candidate for Georgia’s 2017 GA-6 Special Election. 

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