Sanders On Media Coverage Of Pompeo In North Korea: ‘I Think It’s Shameful’

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders  on Wednesday called out the media’s shameful coverage of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s travel to North Korea.


Fox News host Martha MaCallum asked Sanders her thoughts on the media’s coverage of Pompeo while he was in North Korea, citing a New York Times headline that read, “At A Key Moment, Trump’s Top Diplomat Is Again Thousands of Miles Away.”

“I think it’s shameful with the media sometimes does,” Sanders stated. “I got the same number of questions today about Michael Cohen that I got about North Korea. I think that is sad and another reminder that shows us just how out of touch the media is with the rest of America and I think that is a perfect example of just how clueless sometimes the media can be.”

Sanders then touched on the fact that Pompeo was “thousands of miles away negotiating the details of the meeting between the president and Kim Jong Un as well as bringing three brave Americans back home to the United States.”

The White House press secretary mentioned that Wednesday is a “big night” because of the return of the Americans imprisoned in North Korea, and that Pompeo was simply “away from the United States in order to help make it happen.” 

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