CNN Analyst Whines About Lack Of Press Briefing

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin and analyst Brian Karem whined on Monday that there will be no White House press briefing and suggested that Trump does not give the press enough access to his administration.


Karem, who was hired by CNN after ranting at press secretary Sarah Sanders during a briefing, said that he wrote a letter to Sanders on Monday after finding out there would not be a briefing. (RELATED: CNN Hired The Playboy Reporter Who Had A Meltdown At A WH Press Briefing)

“There is no transparency, and the problem is, is that what the president has done is — I call it a bunker mentality — he’s reverted to Twitter litter, just tweeting out what he wants,” Karem complained. “And not having these briefings, which is one of the few times when we actually get to interact with the administration and find out what’s going on.”

Baldwin asked Karem if he got an explanation as to why there is no briefing today, and he responded, “I don’t think we’ll get one.”

“The briefings have come infrequently. They’re shorter in duration,” Karem continued. “There’s a host of issues that this administration doesn’t want to deal with directly, so the best way to deal with it is to dodge, dip, duck, whatever they can do in this briefing room.”

Baldwin, sympathetic to Karem’s plight, urged him to keep “hanging in there.”

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