Mike Pence: ‘Very Troubling To Millions Of Americans’ If Trump Campaign Was Spied On

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Vice President Mike Pence said that it would be “very troubling to millions of Americans” if the Trump campaign was spied on.


“With the revelations that our campaign may have been the subject of surveillance by the FBI, the president I are grateful that the Department of Justice is going to have the inspector general look into it and determine and ensure that there was no surveillance done for political purposes against our campaign,” Pence said.

“I think it would be very troubling to millions of Americans if that took place,” the vice president continued. “But, we’re very confident that as the Inspector General has been doing their work looking at the conduct of the FBI during that period that by adding their focus to this that we’ll get to the bottom of it, because the American people have a right to know.”

In a tweet Monday, President Trump said that he is ordering an investigation into possible surveillance of his campaign by the FBI/DOJ. (RELATED: Trump To Order Investigation Into FBI/DOJ Surveillance Of His Campaign)

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