Al Green: A Republican Congressman Told Me He’s Considering Impeachment

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Democratic Rep. Al Green said on CSPAN Tuesday that a Republican member of the House told him privately that he’s considered impeachment for President Trump.


Green said, “I have actually had — and when you say what I’m about to say, people will wonder, ‘Well, who was it and when was it said?’ — but I’ve actually had a Republican member who said, ‘You know, I’m strongly considering impeachment now.'” (RELATED: Congressman Slept With And Then Sued Allegedly Drug-Addicted Staffer)

“And I can only say to you that my suspicion is that there are a good many others who believe that we’ve reached that point in our history, but it’s a difficult bridge for some to cross,” he continued. “For me, it’s really not about the difficulty as much as it is about the necessity to do something about an unfit president.” (RELATED: Rep. Al Green: Blacks Haven’t Had Full Employment ‘Since Slavery’)

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