Michelle Wolf Laughs Off Critics Of WHCD Performance: ‘I Thought You Were Smarter’ [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Michelle Wolf slammed people who criticized her performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner this year, claiming it “said more about them.”

The comments came during her appearance Wednesday on “The View” during a panel discussion about whether or not the response to her bit at the annual diner was fair after she made remarks about President Donald Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’ character and looks.

“Many interpreted those jokes to be to be jokes about her looks. What do you say about that?” Sunny Hostin explained.

“I mean the people that did I just was like, ‘oh, I thought you were smarter,'” Wolf remarked. “Just listen to the joke.”

“I think it said more about them. They were like ‘this is about her looks.’ I think you have something to say about her looks. I’m fine with how she looks.”

Meghan McCain told Wolf that she thought her standup routine at the annual dinner was nothing but a “gift to the Trump administration.”

“I actually said that I thought your stand-up routine was a gift to the Trump administration in that liberals were criticizing you as well,” McCain shared. “The Association is now saying that it’s considering having no comedians whatsoever in the future. How would you feel if you killed another comedian’s job?”

“I mean, I don’t care,” Wolf responded. “It’s not like a great job. I don’t think it was a gift to Trump any more than every single news show — and I put that in quotes, ‘news’ — is a gift to Trump.”

“Did you speak to Sarah Huckabee afterwards,” McCain asked. “Did you have any awkward interactions?”

“I smiled at her and she looked away,” Wolf said.

Joy Behar then interjected and said that the “the first order of business is to laugh when they make a joke about you. Is to smile and laugh. It just dissipates all the age in the room, but not one of them did that.”