Sean Hannity Endorses Jim Jordan For Speaker

Amber Athey White House Correspondent

Fox News host Sean Hannity and Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz endorsed Rep. Jim Jordan for next House Speaker on Wednesday night.

Gaetz and Jordan were guests on Hannity’s show and discussed appointing a second special counsel to investigate alleged corruption and intelligence abuses in Mueller’s Russia probe. Gaetz praised Jordan at the end of the interview and said he wants him to be the next Speaker of the House after Paul Ryan.


“That’s why Jim Jordan should be Speaker of the House, then we’d have real oversight,” Rep. Gaetz said. (RELATED: Conservative Wave Urges Jim Jordan For Speaker)

Hannity agreed with Gaetz and made clear that he was endorsing Jordan, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, for Speaker. (RELATED: DARK HORSE: Growing Wave Of Support For Jim Jordan To Take Over As Speaker)

“Checkmate — I’m not gonna argue,” Hannity replied. “For the record, I’m supporting Jim Jordan. I just endorsed him.”

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