Trump Presents Congressional Medal Of Honor

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump presented the Congressional Medal of Honor Thursday to retired Master Chief Petty Officer Britt K. Slabinski.

Slabinski, a retired Navy Seal, was awarded the Navy Cross initially for his role in mounting a last ditch rescue mission for a left behind comrade during a mission in Afghanistan in 2002. Slabinski’s citation notes that he was thrown from a helicopter taking enemy fire while on a mission on a 10,000 foot peak.

“As a result of several RPG hits, a member of Senior Chief Petty Officer Slabinski ‘s team was ejected from the helicopter into the midst of the fortified enemy positions,” his original Navy Cross citation notes, adding “Slabinski immediately took charge and established security on the crash location until the crew and his team were recovered to a support base.”

After his team was recovered from a second helicopter Slabinski “heroically led the remainder of his SEAL element back onto the snow-covered, remote, mountaintop into the midst of the numerically superior enemy forces in a daring and valiant attempt to rescue one of their own.”

“For over fourteen hours, Senior Chief Petty Officer Slabinski directed the defense of his position through countless engagements, personally engaging the enemy and directing close air support onto the enemy positions until the enemy was ultimately defeated,” his citation adds.