Dershowitz: Everyone Should Be Concerned About FBI Informant In Trump Campaign


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said on CNN Friday night that he believes everyone should be concerned about reports that the FBI used an informant to gather intel on the Trump campaign.


Dershowitz started by explaining that Trump and his legal team are trying to discredit special counsel Robert Mueller using the same tactics that former president Bill Clinton and his team used to discredit Ken Starr.

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Tobin conceded that there are some similarities but argued that the Clinton camp did not “invent lies.”

“There is nothing comparable to this president, to President Trump, saying that there was a spy and that this was worse than Watergate,” Toobin asserted.

“Let’s start with the spy,” Dershowitz responded. “A spy is a characterization but all civil libertarians should be concerned any time the FBI puts an informer into a political event, a campaign, an anti-war movement, the Martin Luther King campaign.”

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