Oops! Liberals Blame Trump For Obama’s Migrant Detention Centers

Stephanie Hamill Video Columnist
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The Left is once again pushing fake news about U.S. immigration policy.

Democratic lawmakers and members of the media attacked President Donald Trump for a photo of migrant children in a holding facility — even though the picture was taken in 2014, during Obama’s time in Office.


It’s interesting that all these people had nothing to say about it back in 2014 and now they’re trying to pin this one on Trump.

The Left is also pushing a dubious story about how 1500 unaccompanied alien children went missing during a three-month period in 2017. 

The Department of Health and Human Services says the children aren’t missing, instead they’re temporarily unaccounted for because their sponsors didn’t respond to inquiries from government officials.

So why is the left pushing these two false narratives and spreading misinformation?

It’s pretty clear that this is in response to the “zero tolerance” policy at the southern border which was introduced this month by the Trump administration.

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