George Will: GOP Support For Trump Is Out Of Fear

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Washington Post columnist George Will took issue with Senator Bob Corker’s characterization of the GOP’s relationship with President Trump as “cult-like,” instead calling it one based on “fear.”

“It’s not a cult,” Will told HBO host Bill Maher Friday night. “A cult implies misguided if sincere worship. This is fear. They’re not worshipful, they are invertebrates. They are frightened.” (RELATED: Sen. Corker Calls The GOP Relationship With Trump ‘Cultish’)

When Maher pointed out the historically high Trump approval rating among GOP voters, Will said, “Well it’s a cult of personality among his supporters, and his supporters are nothing if not vengeful if you differ from him, and for that reason that vast majority of people in Congress are in Congress to be in Congress. That is, they want to stay there. And therefore, absent term limits, this is the careerist motivation they have and he is the biggest threat to that.”

Will noted that the Democrats were also susceptible to nominating “lurid” candidates like Trump.

“Let me give Democrats a warning,” said Will. “In the summer of 2015, you had 18 Republican candidates on stage and the most lurid stood out. In the summer of 2019, there will be 18 Democrats on stage and maybe the most lurid will stand out there.” (RELATED: Laura Ingraham Takes George Will To Task After ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Column On Pence)

“The idea that only the Republican Party or only the right can produce something like Donald Trump is naive and cheerful,” added Will. “All I’m saying is that there’s a dynamic in the nominating process that produces an opportunity for free-bidding people like the buccaneer currently in the White House.”


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