Poll: Melania’s Absence May Have Impacted Her Popularity

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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A new poll shows that Melania Trump dipped slightly in terms of popularity following a month of mostly low-key appearances.

The first lady’s favorability slipped from 57 percent the first week of May to 51 percent the second week of June.

The same poll showed the first lady’s unfavorability at 29 percent — just 2 points up from the last poll, when her unfavorability was at 27 percent.

Between polls (both conducted by CNN) Melania was largely absent from the public eye as she recovered from kidney surgery that left her unable to travel for a month. Save for a few select events — such as a private dinner for Gold Star families — she was rarely seen even in the White House.

So noticeable was her absence that despite assurances from the White House that she was recovering nicely, media personalities began to publicly speculate about everything from her whereabouts to her overall health. (RELATED: Melania Trump Has Enormous Jump In Popularity)

Despite the recent dip, Melania’s favorability is still 17 points higher than her 36 percent favorability the month of President Trump’s inauguration — and aside from a few outliers, it has been steadily rising ever since.