Angel Mom Puts Immigrant Detention In Perspective — ‘Real Separation’ Is a ‘Coffin and Six Feet of Dirt’

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Angel moms Agnes Gibboney, Mary Ann Mendoza, and Laura Wilkerson followed up their meeting at the White House with President Donald Trump by making an appearance on Fox News with host Martha MacCallum on Friday.

Both appearances centered around the meaning of “real separation” versus the manufactured media “crisis” going on at the U.S.-Mexico border.


“More than the feeling of being ignored is the feeling of — just the desperate feeling that the American public needs to really know what is going on,” said Mendoza, responding to MacCallum’s comment about them being “ignored” because of the hysteria surrounding detained migrant children. “When you have a problem like what is happening at the border you can’t start at the end result and start placing blame. You have to go back to the origin of the problem. That is what the parents, the mothers letting their children go with these smugglers and the cartel bringing these children to our borders. That is where the anger needs to be directed. It should not be directed at the United States for upholding its laws and quite frankly I’m happy that the United States was able to step in and save some of the children from the fate they were dealt and who knows what was going to happen to them?”

Wilkerson told MacCallum how her son was carjacked and killed by a illegal alien brought by his parents at the age of ten.

“He needed Josh’s truck to scrap for some money,” said Wilkerson. “He beat him in the head with a closet rod so hard it broke in four pieces. He kicked him until his spleen sliced and he strangled him over and over and over again until he didn’t breathe anymore. Then he tied him up like an animal and put him in a field and set him on fire. This is forever. I know they don’t understand the meaning of suffering. We will suffer for the rest of our lives on this Earth.”

Gibboney called President Trump a “man of tremendous integrity” who “kept his word about protecting us and giving us a voice.”

She also put her plight and that of other angel parents in stark perspective. (RELATED: Angel Mom: We Are Permanently Separated From Our Children)

“When my son was murdered I didn’t know for 11 years that the man that killed my son was an illegal alien,” Gibboney told MacCallum. “They media doesn’t report truthfully report what the separation of families really is but I would like to show everybody what real separation of families is. This is what separates my son and myself is a coffin and six feet of dirt. How is that for real separation of families?”

“We don’t owe illegal aliens anything,” she continued. “We need to take care of our own. We have military. We have homeless people. We have children living in poverty. We need to take care of our own.”

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