The New Yorker’s Anti-Trump Front Cover Just Copied Time Magazine


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The New Yorker magazine cover for July 2 depicts five children with dark features hiding within the ruffles of the Statue of Liberty’s robe.

The children are seemingly recent illegal immigrants hiding from deportation or separation from their parents amid heated debate over how the government should handle illegal entries to the United States.

Democrats often blame separation of illegal immigrant families on the Trump Administration, yet conditions at the southern border were similar during Obama’s reign. (RELATED: Democratic Rep. Admits The Child Migrant Crisis ‘Was Kept Very Quiet Under The Obama Administration’)

Many photos from 2014 show Obama’s detention facilities where illegal immigrant children were starved and sleeping on the floor in tin foil. (RELATED: Migrant Children Starved, Forced To Sleep Under Toilet, Eat Off Floor At Obama Detainment Facility)

The NY’s cover comes shortly after Time magazine’s “Welcome to America” depiction of Trump staring down at a crying child with a caption blaming family separations on a Trump “policy.” (RELATED: Time Magazine’s Latest Cover Featuring Trump Could Be The Most Insane Yet)

Turns out, Time’s entire attempt to smear the Trump Administration was a flop because the child was never separated from her family. (RELATED: Crying Honduran Child Who Became The Face Of Border Family Separation Was Never Separated From Family)