Get A Dental-Grade Whitening Experience For $25

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No matter the time of year, a white, bright smile is always in season. If you’ve been wanting to brighten your smile but are afraid of spending a ridiculous amount of money to do so — don’t worry, there are effective and reasonable alternatives. With the NUOVAWHITE™ Professional Teeth Whitening System, get everything you need to brighten your smile for only $25.

The Daily Caller Shop

The Daily Caller Shop

This teeth whitening kit offers the best in-home and on-the-go whitening for a brighter smile. Meaning, it comes with an easily applied gel and a LED accelerator teeth whitening light for an effective approach to a problem everyone faces — stained yellow teeth. With these two items, as well as gel pens and mouth trays to pull it all together, you’ll notice immediate results after the very first application.

Better yet, the kit — which was made in the USA — works for everyone and treats your teeth well throughout the entire process. Each use revitalizes, desensitizes, and strengthens tooth enamel after a whitening session, which means your teeth will be healthier and stronger as well as brighter. On top of that, this kit allows the enamel of your teeth to actively remineralize itself in the presence of fluorides, calcium, and phosphate.

Get a whiter, brighter smile with the NUOVAWHITE™ Professional Teeth Whitening System for $25 in The Daily Caller Shop.

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