Former FBI Director Comey Admits Having ‘Negative Opinion’ Of President Trump

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Mike Brest Reporter
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Former FBI Director James Comey admitted that he “had a negative opinion” of President Donald Trump immediately after meeting him in an interview on BBC’s “HARDtalk” with Stephen Sackur.


“I had a negative opinion that was fact-based,” Comey stated. “I had serious concerns about his ability to respect the obligation to tell the truth.”

“In the leadership culture he creates, that’s what struck me. But that’s not a political judgment — that’s a judgment based on reason and logic and experience,” Comey added when asked about him comparing President Trump to a mafia boss.

The former FBI Director is currently under investigation for how he handled memos he wrote about his interactions with Trump.

As Inspector General Michael Horowitz said about Comey, “We are handling that referral and we will issue a report when the matter is complete, consistent with the law and rules that are — a report that’s consistent and takes those into account.” (RELATED: COMEY UNDER INVESTIGATION FOR HANDLING OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION)