‘Morning Joe’ Approves Of Kavanaugh For Supreme Court: Best We Could Have Hoped For


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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” panel seemed pleased with President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and agreed he was the least polarizing pick the White House could have made.

“Unlike Justice Scalia, Kavanaugh is deeply immersed in the history of the court and believes that he’s about — he’s as good a selection as any Republican president could make,” host Joe Scarborough said while citing a New York Times op-ed. (RELATED: Joe Scarborough Says GOP SCOTUS Nominees Tend To Break Left After Growing In Office)

Co-host Willie Geist agreed and said Senate Democrats would have made noise no matter who the president selected.

“Senate Democrats were going to put up a fight whoever this was. We know that, that the fight is coming,” Geist said. “They’ve already talked about that last night. But the truth of the matter is where there are places progressives that will disagree on guns, and abortion and presidential power, this is not a wild Judge Jeanine Pirro pick that some people were fearing. This is an eminently qualified guy … a guy who is qualified for this job. This is a guy who’s been supported by President Bush, by Jeb Bush, by John McCain.”


“Probably smart by President Trump because it makes it difficult on Democrats when they say the world is coming to an end because of his Supreme Court pick,” Geist added.

Scarborough said moderate Democrats and Republicans have their backs against the wall now and will have a hard time voting Kavanaugh down with the midterms approaching.

“It does make it more difficult for Democrats to paint him as a wild-eyed fanatic,” Scarborough concluded. “And it also puts the Republicans — it puts — it puts the Republicans, the two Republicans thinking of voting against a nominee in a very difficult position. As it does the three or four Democrats thinking that they would, might, plausibly vote against him too, because he’s such a mainstream pick.”

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