CNN Questions Uncomfortable NATO ‘Family Photo’: ‘Is It Still The World Order?’

Virginia Kruta | Associate Editor

CNN questioned the state of NATO alliances as world leaders gathered for a “family photo” on Wednesday morning, musing, “It was the world order. Is it still the world order? Will it be tomorrow and will it be after Monday?”

As presidents and prime ministers moved toward the podium for the group “family” photo, CNN commentators observed that the European leaders grouped together while President Trump was “separated from the rest of the pack,” walking in with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“New Day” host Alisyn Camerota explained, “Optics matter, right? And these pictures speak a thousand words. The idea that that’s the person President Trump feels most comfortable walking to this family photo with. Obviously, the distance between he and Angela Merkel is notable. That’s just … You know, we can’t imagine these things are accidental.”

Camerota continued, along with co-host John Berman and guest John Avlon, to pick apart the body language of the parties present as they waited for the photo to be taken.

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Camerota pointed out the fact that President Trump had chosen to open with comments attacking Germany for being under Russia’s thumb with regard to energy, which Avlon suggested only added to the uncomfortable nature of the meeting: “This is a family photo that doesn’t look all that warm. I don’t know that Thanksgiving dinner would be fun with these folks right now.”

Berman joked that the real question was, “Who’s the crazy uncle here at this family photo?”

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