MSNBC Guest Rants: Trump Displays ‘The Least Attractive Characteristics’

Mike Brest | Reporter

MSNBC guest Jon Meacham railed against President Trump for what he called “the most vivid manifestation of the least attractive characteristics in the national character” on Wednesday morning.


“We haven’t been captured by Donald Trump,” Meachem continued. “We have had our worst instincts affirmed, exacerbated and put in front of the world.”

“I think to suggest that, somehow or another, he has hijacked the country lets the rest of us off the hook because, right now, the kind of courage you’re talking about is required not simply of people who are in elective office but all of us,” he added.

The MSNBC panel discussed which of President Trump’s actions they deem negative and how, supposedly, no one keeps him in check.

President Trump is currently in Europe meeting with NATO before he joins Russian President Vladimir Putin next week. They are scheduled to meet on Monday in Helsinki, Finland.

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