‘Morning Joe’s’ Mika Tell Viewers They Should Be ‘Frightened’ By Trump’s Diplomacy

Nick Givas | Media And Politics Reporter

Co-host of MSNBC’s “Monring Joe” Mika Brzezinski said people should be “frightened” by President Donald Trump’s style of diplomacy because it’s damaging the U.S. reputation abroad.

Brzezinski accused the commander-in-chief of creating problems to cause controversy to stir up his base and suggesting he has no plans to fix the immigration crisis at the southern border. (RELATED: Mika Brzezinski Says She And Joe Scarborough Are Ready To Foster An Illegal Immigrant Child)

“As for NATO it’s very similar to the border separation issue,” she said. “He creates a problem. He creates a policy and creates a fight over it and has absolutely no plan moving forward. And we’ve got hundreds, possibly thousands of children hanging in the balance, some who will be orphaned because of his policy, and he’s now trying to take credit for fixing it.”


Brzezinski told viewers they should be terrified by Trump’s incompetence and fearful of his presence as a world leader. Especially when it comes to his handling of NATO and the attitude he’s shown America’s European allies.

“[Trump’s] trying to take credit for fixing something with NATO and quite frankly the incompetence that this president has shown in terms of the separation policy, we should be frightened about the damage he’s doing on the world stage,” she concluded.

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