VOTE: The Most Badass Firepower In The United States Military

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Aaron Andrews Contributor
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Do you remember playing with those green, plastic army men?

Many Americans grow up playing army with their buddies in some form or other. Whether it’s lining the cupboards with plastic figurines to wage war on a sister’s tea party or running around outside with stick guns, the fantastic thrill of the army has enraptured young men since before they can remember.

For some, this fantasy converts to a calling. God bless our soldiers.

For the rest of us, the military urge takes the back seat as we turn our attention and energy to family, education, industry, and all the joys of civilian life.

Whether you’ve actually served in the U.S. military or whether you’ve just grown up playing army with your friends in the backyard, we can all appreciate the military power that protects our American liberty.

Today at the Daily Caller, we are appreciating the firepower of U.S. ground forces.

Here are a couple of examples that are sure to recall that youthful military thrill.

Which ground force is the most badass? Vote bellow!

Share examples of more U.S. firepower in the comments.