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Morning Mirror: Journo Eats Oyster And Nearly Dies (Wink! Wink!)

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“The media loves nothing more than they love themselves.”

Derek Hunter, contributing editor, The Daily Caller, columnist,

The Observer: MSNBC hates Trump….period 

“MSNBC’s idea of a robust discussion: a liberal who hates Trump, a writer who hasn’t had any contact with Trump in 20+ years and who hates Trump, balanced out by a conservative who… hates Trump!” — Eddie Scarry, media writer, The Washington Examiner.

Ivanka’s really boring ass day ahead

Tune in to @SqawkBox at 7:30am EST today live from the @WhiteHouse. I will discussing today’s launch of the National Council for the American Worker to promote economic growth and job creation through skills training, vocational education + apprenticeships! #WorkforceDevelopment.”

Montel’s flack calls me a ‘bitch’ on Twitter  

Jonathan Franks, Montel Williams’ flack, has since deleted his mean tweets in which he called me a “bitch” and mocked The Daily Caller.

Mirror confession: I probably brought it on, telling him he was being too nice and that I worried something had happened to his demented brain. 

Uh oh. Did someone get in trouble with the boss?

Reporter thought eating an oyster might kill her  

She calls it the “worst moment” of her entire life. 

“It was at a fancy place… but it was literally like someone grabbed my face and hawked a loogie in my mouth. I thought I was actually going to die.” — Gateway Pundit‘s Cassandra Fairbanks.

OMG: BuzzFeed News officially cuts ties with its inner LOL

They’ll still redirect to each other, but it’s, like, totally different. The new BuzzFeed News now reads “BuzzFeed.News: Reporting to you” with part of the N stylishly blank. Not to worry too much, original BuzzFeed devotees, there’s still a trending box that reminds a reader who BuzzFeed really is: “Here’s what desert you should treat yourself to, based on your zodiac sign.” There are also stories that are still very BuzzFeed-y. Such as “Here’s what makes the eighth grade so good” and the story of some woman being impaled by an umbrella on the Jersey Shore.

See Neiman Lab‘s story on it here.

What happens when women go to the office kitchen  

“I love when I’m in the cramped office kitchen with another women because the conversation always goes: ‘sorry’ ‘excuse me’ ‘sorry’ ‘sorry’ ‘sorry’ ‘sorry'” — Eve Peyser, VICE.

CNN: GOP Lawmaker longed for day when you could call a woman a ‘slut’ 

Rep. Jason Lewis (R-Minn.) in 2012: “…But it used to be that women were held to a little bit of a higher standard. We required modesty from women. Now, are we beyond those days where a woman can behave as a slut, but you can’t call her a slut?”

Read the whole report here.

Longtime reporter is in shock over Trump-Putin meeting 

“Of all the bad things I thought might come up when Trump met Putin alone for 2+ hrs, I’d never have imagined he’d consider the ex-KGB thug’s request to turn over a former US ambassador to Russia for interrogation. Russia has harassed Mike @McFaul ⁦‪& his family for years.” — Jackie Calmes, LA TIMES, DC bureau.

Allure needs a features editor

“Hey all! We’re hiring a features editor at Allure—someone who’s a strong top editor and writer, has beauty experience & has a keen eye for culture. I want someone who understands products and science but who also sees the deeper cultural roots and meaning behind appearance.” — Michelle Lee, EIC, Allure.

Confessional. Strategist is petrified 

“MY DEEPER FEAR. Maybe this is because I grew up in a war and don’t take rights for granted, maybe it’s because the signs are pointing to it, but I fully expect Trump and the GOP to eventually curtail our ability to speak out freely as we do here. Do you agree?” — Peter Daou, political strategist who has advised Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

Being nice will get you nowhere

“Today’s Leftist lesson on Twitter: write a nice tweet about someone with whom you disagree politically, get labeled a racist sexist homophobe. Good stuff, guys. Really showing that tolerant streak.” — Ben Shapiro, EIC, Daily Wire.

Ex-Politico reporter Mike Elk is upset with BuzzFeed UK

“Awful,” Elk remarked on BuzzFeed UK rejecting the chance the unionize.

Journo says goodbye to cigarettes 

“First week done. So long, cigarettes.” — Bryan Menegus, senior writer, Gizmodo.

Selfie Alert: Editor reveals his chest hair 

Kevin Baron works for Defense One. 

Of course these two are friends