Alan Dershowitz: ‘Michael Cohen Is Going To Flip And Cooperate With The Government’

Geoff Harbaugh Contributor
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After listening to a CNN interview with Michael Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz believes Michael Cohen is going to flip and cooperate with the government.

Dershowitz appeared on “Cuomo Prime Time” just minutes after Lanny Davis was interviewed discussing the release of a secret audio recording from 2016 with  Michael Cohen and then Republican Candidate Donald Trump.

When asked by Cuomo to comment on the tape, Dershowitz replied, “You have a situation where he (Cohen) is going to flip. There’s no question. He’s now made it clear.   He said he’s going to tell the truth, he’s going to cooperate, he’s turned, and he’s pressed the reset button. If that doesn’t mean he’s going to cooperate with the government, I don’t know how you can say it anymore then if you walked into the prosecutor’s office and said ask me as many questions as you want me to answer.”

Dershowitz was also asked if anything illegal was discussed on the recording between Trump and Cohen,  “There’s no crime here.  What you have is a lawyer and a client discussing something.  The client says pay cash, and the lawyer says no pay it by check.  That’s a typical conversation I’ve had a dozen times with clients.”

Michael Cohen’s home and office was raided by the FBI in April, and has yet to be charged with any wrongdoing.