Kevin McCarthy Wants To Be The Next Speaker Of The House

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Mike Brest Reporter
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House Majority Leader Congressman Kevin McCarthy announced that he wants to be the next speaker of the House during his speech at Turning Point USA on Wednesday.

“I do not want to see Nancy to come back as speaker. I want the next speaker to come from California, but I don’t want it to be Nancy [Pelosi]. I want it to be me,” McCarthy said.

“We are going to have a fight on our hands in this next election. History is against us,” McCarthy continued, referencing the difficulty the party with the majority in the House has had during midterm elections over the last several decades.

Representative Paul Ryan, the current speaker of the House, previously announced his plans not to run for reelection in November. (RELATED: Paul Ryan Will Not Seek Re-Election)

Multiple Republicans have expressed interest in potentially running for the speaker position.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) made implicit references to throwing his hat into the ring. He said, “If and when there is a race for Speaker, I plan on being part of that discussion.” (RELATED: Rep. Jordan Plans On ‘Being Part Of The Discussion’ Over The Next House Speaker)