Rep. Jordan Plans On ‘Being Part Of The Discussion’ Over The Next House Speaker

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Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan says he plans to be a “part of the discussion” over the next speaker of the House Thursday on Fox News.


Jordan, who is a founding member of the Freedom Caucus, did not deny that he plans on putting his name in for speaker of the House.

“Mark Meadows told us here on Fox yesterday — I think he was on with Neil on Fox Business — that he does not want to be the next Speaker of the House. Do you?” asked co-host Bill Hemmer.

“He would be a good one. Look, I’ve been very clear,” Jordan said. “If and when there is a race for Speaker, I plan on being part of that discussion.”

“Right now, I’m focused on doing what we told the American people we would do so we can stay in the majority and continue to do what we need to do to make this country great,” Jordan continued.

Hemmer pressed that Jordan’s response “wasn’t exactly a no,” to which Jordan replied, “I’m focused on doing my job here representing the people in the Fourth District of Ohio. But I appreciate your question.”

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