Trudeau’s Border Control Plan: Put Illegals Into Hotels

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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OTTAWA — Canada’s new border security minister has a plan for the growing number of illegal immigrants crowding Canadian cities and taking over homeless shelters: put them in hotels.

At an emergency session of the House of Commons immigration committee Tuesday, Bill Blair had few answers for Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel, who grilled the minister on his new responsibilities.


Will [public safety] minister [Ralph] Goodale be reporting to you?” Rempel asked Blair.

“No,” he answered.

“Will the [Canada Border Services Agency] be reporting to you?” Rempel again queried.

“No. I have not received my mandate letters from the prime minister just yet so I cannot speculate on what my role will be,” Blair admitted.

That prompted Rempel to ask whether the new cabinet post was anything other than window dressing to camouflage the Canadian border crisis.

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The government could confirm that least 800 illegals who are currently residing in college dorms are in the process of moving to hotels in preparation for the fall. The government could not say how many other illegals will be accommodated in hotels, for how long or at what price.

Rempel later tweeted that Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen couldn’t provide any answers either.

Neither could the government say how many migrants have slipped past immigration agents and are now living on the economy.

In addition to Blair, a host of representatives appeared before the committee, including Goodale and Ontario’s minister for immigration, Lisa MacLeod. There were numerous angry exchanges as the Trudeau government ministers and bureaucrats appeared less than prepared for the meeting.

The government representatives refused to describe the illegal border crossers as illegal, preferring instead to say “irregular” or merely asylum seekers. The Conservatives insisted the migrants be called illegal.

Ontario’s MacLeod got right to the point of the matter in her testimony, saying her province could not afford the cost of  the illegals crowding cities like Toronto who have created “a $200 million price take that I need you guys to pay for.”

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