Roseanne Rails Against Obama And Jarrett For Not ‘[Liking] The Idea Of American Exceptionalism’

Mike Brest Reporter
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Roseanne Barr went after President Obama and his senior advisor Valerie Jarrett for not believing in American exceptionalism during her interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.


“I assumed because she was from Iran and lived in Iran for such a long time and writes about how she and Barack Obama hung out for a long time. The reason they were so tight and were such friends is because they don’t like the idea of American exceptionalism,” Barr stated.

“They like that every country has its own culture and we should respect them and this and that. Okay, that’s kind of a globalist way of thinking. But I’m like, I can talk to people like that,” she continued. “I don’t think a state that kills gays and stones rape victims, and is brutal … where people don’t have drinking water and women have no rights, I don’t think that’s like America. America is not like that.” (RELATED: Hollywood Hypocrites Call For James Gunn To Be Rehired, Roseanne Barr Remains ‘Blacklisted’)

“America is a place where I a loud mouthed, old gorgeous Jewish woman comedian am allowed freedom of speech,” Barr added.

Barr’s reboot, Roseanne, was cancelled by ABC after she sent out a string of racially insensitive tweets towards Jarrett, which she and Hannity discussed at length during the interview. It has been announced that the show will continue without the main character.