POLL: Republicans Are More Likely To Agree With Trump Than Republican Congressmen

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Mike Brest Reporter
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A majority of Republicans say that their views on major issues facing America most closely align with President Trump, according to a new poll released by Rassmusen on Friday.

64 percent of likely Republican voters said that the president’s views are closest to their own, the poll said. In comparison, only 20 percent of those surveyed stated that the average GOP congressman’s views aligned most with their ideas.

Of the Republicans who were surveyed, 10n percent stated that the average Democratic congressman’s ideas on how to handle major issues facing the country most closely align with their own.

This is the latest poll suggesting President Trump is viewed positively by the country. Earlier this week, a Wall Street Journal and NBC poll showed President Trump’s approval rating to be at 45 percent, an all time high for his presidency. (RELATED: POLL: Trump’s Current Approval Rating Highest EVER, Stuns MSNBC)

There was a margin of error of +/- 3 percent, with a 95 percent level of confidence.

It was conducted between July 19 and 22, 2018.