President Trump: ‘Everyone Loves Melania, She’s Doing A Fantastic Job’

Fox News 7/31/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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President Trump took a brief opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of everyone in his family both during his campaign and since he took office, during his rally in Florida on Tuesday night.


“I didn’t want to be tied for the center but we never, we never left center stage and I will tell you, Cory, David, Ivanka, Lara, Eric, Don Jr., all of them, they were fantastic,” he said about the presidential debates back in the fall of 2016.

“They were fantastic. And I have to say our First Lady is home watching. Look at all those cameras right there. She’s home watching. And everybody loves Melania. They love Melania. She’s doing a fantastic job,” he said. (RELATED: Acosta Whines that Trump Rally Crowd Hates Him)

The president was speaking at a rally in Tampa Bay, Florida on behalf of Republican Ron DeSantis, who is running to be the next governor of Florida. DeSantis is going up against Adam Putnam, the current Commissioner of Agriculture and former House member.