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Morning Mirror: Don Jr. Rides In On A White Horse For Melania

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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President Trump‘s attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Don Jr. fiercely defends Melania after she is called a ‘hoebag’ 


Journo tries to make sense of the world through his 5-year-old 

“My five-year-old just explained to me that if the first part of your sentence is a lie, even if the second part of your sentence is true, THE ENTIRE SENTENCE IS A LIE. cc: @realDonaldTrump.” — Judd Legum, who writes Popular Information, a newsletter “about politics for people who give a damn.” In his spare time, he eats vegetables. He was the founding editor-in-chief of the lefty Think Progress.

CNN’s Cillizza is upset about people giving CNN’s cameras the middle finger 

“Grown men and women giving the finger and telling another human being ‘You suck’ and worse. I like to believe we are all capable of a lot better than this.” — Cillizza.

Avenatti turns Michelle Obama’s political line on its head 

“Different people have different approaches at different times. Here is mine for the next two and half years: WHEN THEY GO LOW, WE HIT HARDER. #Basta #FightClub.” — Michael Avenatti, attorney for porn star Stormy Daniels.

Deep Thoughts With Mollie Hemingway

“At this point, I genuinely believe reporters/pundits truly don’t understand Donald Trump, his rhetoric, his administration, etc., and aren’t just pretending to be idiots. But my question is why they continue to be paid to cover a man they clearly don’t understand in any way.” — Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist, Fox News.

Whoever’s handling Trump’s feed can’t spell

“‘We already have a smocking gun about a campaign getting dirt on their opponent, it was Hillary Clinton. How is it OK for Hillary Clinton to proactively seek dirt from the Russians but the Trump campaign met at the Russians request and that is bad?’ Marc Thiessen, Washington Post” — President Trump.

Twitter’s Marty reaches out to Cheri Jacobus 

“@CheriJacobus Hi Cheri, What’s your thoughts on Sarah Huckabee Sanders & the job she’s done as WH Press Sec holding Daily Briefings? Who do you think could replace her in that Position in Trump WH once she leaves around the ned of the year?” — Twitter’s “Marty Rudolf.” Jacobus is a PR consultant who was column was recently scrapped from USA Today after she got into a Twitter fight with conservative radio personality Michael Caputo.


“I care way more about endangered animals than people. I don’t know how many times I need to say this.” — Cassandra Fairbanks, reporter, The Gateway Pundit.

Reporter reacts to CNN’s Acosta getting booed on live TV

“So brave of @Acosta to factcheck Trump supporters live on the air. ‘They are saying things like CNN sucks, go home, and fake news. Wolf, obviously those things are false.’ LMAO” — Cameron Hawthorne, media writer, Washington Free Beacon. 

Erick Erickson breathes a sigh of relief 

“Good news: my wife’s scans are unchanged. Whew. Thanks for the prayers.” — Erick Erickson, writer, The Resurgent, radio host, WSBRadio.

Dude hogs the outlets on Amtrak 

“Homeboy next to me on the Amtrak has commandeered both outlets. How and when do I say something to him?” — Kelly Cohen, reporter, Washington Times.

Journo goes fungal, makes sourdough bread instead of getting a dog 

“Perhaps you’re like me — laden with millennial agita, exhausted by a life that shackles you to the screen — and looking to log off. If you’re not ready for a dog, I’d recommend starting with sourdough. It might not give you the immediate satisfaction of going viral, but as it turns out, making the choice to go fungal is far more satisfying.” — Eve Peyser, VICE reporter, in a story for the NYT. This is her first byline in the publication. Here.

John Kelly reportedly gets immunity on Trump Island 

“From @johnrobertsFox – MULTIPLE SOURCES TELL FOX NEWS THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS ASKED JOHN KELLY TO STAY ON AS CHIEF OF STAFF THROUGH 2020.. after all the stories about this.. this seems pretty definitive.” — Fox News’s Bret Baier. John Roberts is a Fox News White House correspondent.

Acosta opens up about attacks (eye roll) 

“One of the surprising things I heard tonight in Tampa is Trump supporters saying I should be on their team. Anybody remember when we were all on the same team? I do.” — Jim Acosta, White House correspondent, CNN.

Tampa Bay Times Political editor is upset by ‘Q’

“It is stunning to me how many ppl in this #TRUMPTAMPA crowd have QAnon signs or t-shirts. That is not a healthy sign for GOP or for America.” — Adam Smith.

Gossip Roundup 

NYP’s Page Six: PBS makes Betty the subject of a PBS special. Here.

Daily Mail: Lindsay Lohan and Tiffany Trump are BFF’s. Here.

Deadline Hollywood: CBS “The Talk’s” Julie Chen stands by her man, Les Moonves, despite a pack of sexual harassment accusations that appeared in The New Yorker. They have a 14-year marriage. Here. See the New Yorker piece by Ronan Farrow here.