CNN Analyst David Gergen: Trump Will Have ‘Blood’ On His Hands If Someone Attacks The Press

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Veteran POLITICO and CNN analyst David Gergen claimed that President Trump will have “blood” on his hands if someone attacks journalists Wednesday night.


“I’m afraid it’s as if he’s read parts of the Constitution, like the Second Amendment, but is not terribly familiar with other parts of it, like the First Amendment,” he said.

Gergen continued, “But I will tell you this, Anderson, what we saw last night is what we saw frequently in Sarah Palin rallies way back when in the early part of it.” (RELATED: CNN’s Primetime Ratings Drop 30 Percent From Same Time Last Year)

“And John McCain, who was her running mate and presidential nominee, went out, went to those rallies and said ‘Stop it, let’s end this.’ That is the president’s responsibility, and unless he stops this soon, I will tell you, if there is violence against any reporter that’s tied to this, the blood is going to be on his hands,” he concluded. (RELATED: 2018’s 1st Quarter Ratings Are In — CNN Is Getting DESTROYED By Other News Networks)

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