Veteran Stands Up To Elected Official Who Kneels For The National Anthem

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Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Selectwoman Melissa Schlag of Haddam, Connecticut, has caused a stir over her kneeling for the national anthem and Pledge of Allegiance during town select meetings.

Schlag kneels in protest of Donald Trump and in solidarity with NFL kneelers who began the practice two seasons ago to protest police violence. The practice has caused a stir in the sleepy town and enraged some local veterans.

One veteran stood up and let himself be heard during a council meeting this week. According to local news reporting:

In the impassioned speech, the veteran told that she should find another venue to protest since she now represents the town as an elected official.

The impassioned vet said, “You ran as a Democrat, but once you became elected, you have to represent all of your constituency.” He received applause and even an ovation.

Multiple others expressed deep dissent with Schlag’s actions.